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Shoot GTR has 13 outdoor ranges in Gainesville, FL! 

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Our core mission is to produce safe, competent & responsible gun owners!

SHOOT GTR is not just a shooting range. We view ourselves as an asset to the shooting community in that we can provide world-class training, a venue for competitive shooting, and unrivaled product knowledge to help increase the overall aptitude of the gun-owning community. We want to be YOUR hometown range whether you are just starting out, planning to go into competition, or simply wanting to have a great time with fellow shooting enthusiasts.

Elite Membership

Elite Members enjoy a plethora of benefits at the range and Pro Shop
10hrs of private bay rentals per month • Free wagon rentals

20% off GTR Classes

5% off New Firearms

10% off Accessories & Ammunition

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Location & Hours

Our Pro Shop/Office hours are:
7 days/week 8AM to 6PM
Orientations: Mon-Fri 11am + 3pm / Sat-Sun 11am + 1pm + 3pm

We are conveniently located off 441 & NW 34th Street off of HWY 121 in the NW Industrial Park. Turn at the Amazon warehouse on HWY 121 and drive past UPS and turn the corner just before Pepsi Cola.

1610 NW 65th Place
Gainesville, FL 32653

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ShootGTR Training at the Range


We pride ourselves on being able to provide the shooting community with world-class, professional firearms instruction for shooters of all skill levels and disciplines. Whether you are an experienced shooter or have never shot a gun before, we stand ready to aid you in increasing your safety, marksmanship, and tactics with firearms.

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ShootGTR Training at the Range


SHOOT GTR is also a premier competitive shooting venue that offers a multitude of competitive shooting disciplines on a weekly basis. Our matches are designed to accommodate new shooters. If you are interested in competing, please contact us and we will help you get started.

Shoot GTR - The Range

SHOOT GTR is a growing and modern facility with a current total of 12 shooting venues aimed at a broad array of disciplines and firearm types. From our 200-yard rifle range to our various pistol and carbine ranges, and from our steel target ranges to our brand-new private bays and classrooms, Shoot GTR has something for everyone.

Whether you are a novice wanting to develop basic shooting skills or you are a pro looking to fine tune your move-and-shoot or holster draw skills, we have what you need. Prior to your first shooting outing at Shoot GTR, we will provide you with a standardized safety and procedures Orientation designed to brief all Day Rate guests and new members on the dos and don’ts of our shooting venues.

What our customers are saying:

"SHOOT GTR is a growing and modern facility with a current total of 12 shooting venues aimed at a broad array of disciplines and firearm types."