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Florida Permitless Concealed Carry - Basic Handgun

On July 1st, 2023 Florida residents will legally be able to conceal carry a firearm without a permit. This will increase the number of people carrying firearms on their person exponentially. We created this class for those individuals that intend to exercise their newly regained rights but want to do so with the proper knowledge and training. 

This class will cover firearms safety, nomenclature, and laws. Upon completion of this course, you will be issued a training certificate to document your commitment to firearms safety. This certificate does not meet the requirements to obtain your Florida Concealed Carry License.

This is a half day class from 9AM-1PM. Please arrive a few minutes early to allow time for paperwork completion.

THIS COURSE INCLUDES A FREE RANGE DAY PASS ($26.99 VALUE!).  All shooters are required to attend a one-time orientation, held Monday-Friday at 11AM and 3PM or Saturday and Sunday at 11AM, 1PM, and 3PM. There will be an orientation starting immediately following this class at 1pm.

Subjects Covered:
- Firearms safety and mindset
- Handgun nomenclature 
- Ammunition nomenclature
- Florida law and deadly force

Required Equipment:

- Appropriate clothing (closed-toed shoes, no low-cut shirts, etc.)
- Notepad & pen (optional but recommended)

Course Fee : $99.00


Defensive Handgun 1 - Primary Skills

Geared toward new shooters, this is the course to take if you are looking to obtain your Concealed Weapons License. It is also great for those who just want to gain more knowledge and confidence in handling pistols. Defensive Handgun 1 will cover firearms safety, nomenclature, laws, and proper firearm handling techniques. Upon completion of this course, you will be issued a training certificate that can be used to apply to the State of Florida to get your Concealed Weapons License.

This is an all-day class from 9AM-6PM. Please arrive a few minutes early to allow time for paperwork completion. Students get one hour for lunch.

THIS COURSE INCLUDES A FREE 3-MONTH MEMBERSHIP ($105 VALUE!). You can choose to begin your membership either at the time of class payment or the day of your Concealed Carry 1 class. All range members are required to attend a one-time orientation, held Monday-Friday at 11AM and 3PM or Saturday and Sunday at 11AM, 1PM, and 3PM. Orientation will also be offered during your Concealed Carry 1 class.

Rental guns, holsters, and ammunition are all available day of class in the Pro Shop.

Subjects Covered:
- Firearms safety and mindset
- Handgun nomenclature and functions
- Ammunition nomenclature and functions
- Common handgun malfunctions
- Proper firearm handling techniques
- Florida law and deadly force
- CWL application process
- Intro to marksmanship fundamentals
- Dry fire and live fire drills
- Handgun cleaning
- Proper firearm storage
- Handgun and gear considerations

Required Equipment:
- 50 rounds of ammo (minimum) available on site in the Pro Shop (rentals available in the Pro Shop day of class)
- 2 magazines (included w/ a rental)
- Eye & ear protection
- Appropriate clothing (closed-toed shoes, no low-cut shirts, etc.)
- Notepad & pen (optional but recommended)

Course Fee : $175


Defensive Handgun 2 - Critical Principles

Building on the skills learned in the Defensive Handgun 1 class, our Defensive Handgun 2 class now narrows the focus to specific concealed carry techniques and tactics. Specifically, this class will expose students to foundational gun-fighting concepts that will increase their ability to successfully defend themselves with a handgun.

This is an all-day class from 9AM-6PM. Please arrive a few minutes early to allow time for paperwork completion. Students get one hour for lunch.

What makes our Defensive Handgun 2 class unique is that all of the lessons learned from Defensive Handgun 1 and this class culminate with students having the opportunity to assess their proficiency in realistic, role-player scenarios at the end of the day.

These scenarios focus on assessing the student’s ability to make proper legal and tactical decisions in real time, and are designed to work for students of all skill levels and physical abilities. Since this type of training is usually reserved for law enforcement and military personnel, students of Defensive Handgun 2 will be far ahead of the curve--as compared to other gun owners--upon completion of this course.

In short, Defensive Handgun 2 is essential in ensuring you lay a proper foundation as an armed citizen, whether it is for defense in the home, in the car, or out in public.

Rental guns, holsters, and ammunition are all available day of class in the Pro Shop.

Subjects Covered:
- Learn how to select a concealed carry loadout (gun, holster, accessories, clothing, etc.)
- Learn the dynamics of common gunfights
- Learn importance of “combat mindset” and threat avoidance
- Demonstrate how to properly draw a handgun from concealment
- Learn and perform emergency and tactical reloads
- Demonstrate clearing common malfunctions
- Learn about expected physical and psychological stress responses
- Demonstrate ability to tactically use cover and concealment
- Execute lessons learned in fun and educational role-player scenarios

Required Equipment:
- Concealment garment (e.g. button-down shirt, jacket, hoodie, sweater, etc.)
- Semi-automatic handgun or revolver (rentals available)
- Holster (Rentals available). Please no shoulder, bra, or ankle holsters.
- 2 magazines (minimum)
- 100 rounds of ammunition (available for sale in the Pro shop)
- Sturdy gun belt (no jeggings, ladies!)
- Closed-toed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)
- Eye and ear protection
- Notepad and pen
- Hydrating beverage

Course Fee : $165


Defensive Handgun 3 - Applied Tactics

Defensive Handgun 3 takes the training provided in DH1 and DH2 and expands upon that knowledge to its practical application and execution. The scenarios in this class will help you to identify "square range" training scars that come from repeated static training environments. This class is simunition based and is entirely force on instructor, no live fire. Attendance is limited to 6 students. 
Situational awareness and avoidance
Verbal strategies
Escalation and de-escalation
Use of force continuum
Environmental strategies
Post engagement considerations
TAC med considerations
Concealed Carry Permit
Defensive Handgun 2 (Prefered) or other   intermediate  CCW training 
Required Equipment:
Eye & Ear protection 
Sturdy belt 
Glock 17 holster if you have one

No ammunition required / No Live Weapons.

Course Fee : $225


Basic Rifle

Basic Rifle is designed to teach the new owner of an AR-15 the basics of what they need to know to be safe and successful AR owners.

This class is primarily geared towards AR-15s. However, any semi-auto rifle is welcomed!

Topics include firearm safety, ballistics and zeroing, AR-15 parts and accessories, as well as basic shooting positions.

Round Count: 50 to 100 rounds

GEAR REQUIRED: Semi-auto rifle with optic or iron sights (preferably zeroed but not required), 3 magazines, eye and ear protection.

OPTIONAL: Sling, plate carrier or war belt, towel or mat for prone position.

*This class is a prerequisite for Reactive Carbine Fundamentals.

Course Fee: $200


Loaded Ladies Women’s Practical Pistol Defense

Attention ladies! Come out and shoot at our women-only shooting seminar. Loaded Ladies is a real-world practical pistol self-defense class that is designed from the ground up by our Master Instructors to focus on the unique aspects of women’s carry methods, firearm handling, and selection.

Whether you’re interested in concealed carry, defending your loved ones, competition, or simply increasing your skill and confidence with a handgun, Shoot GTR’s Lead Instructor will guide you in a low stress, enjoyable atmosphere.

This class is held once a month on Sunday afternoon from 3-5PM.

Mandatory safety brief at 2:30 for first time attendees.


Course Fee : $60


GTR Pro Shooter

ACTIVE GTR MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED FOR THIS COURSE (NO DAY RATE). Completion of this course is required for members to be able to shoot on the GTR steel range (Range 8) and to be certified to bring guests. On this range, members will be able to practice drawing from the holster and shooting on the steel plates.

You will also be designated as a Shoot GTR Range Safety Officer (RSO) allowing you to bring guests to the range (guest fees apply) and have access to the steel range (Range 8). Private range bay rentals are available to Shoot GTR Pro members.

Rental guns, holsters, and ammunition are all available day of class in the Pro Shop.

Subjects Covered:
- Firearms safety
- Procedure and rules for bringing guests
- Range Safety Officer (RSO) techniques
- Steel target characteristics and benefits
- Safety rules for shooting on steel
- Proper draw stroke technique
- How to give commands on steel range
- Moving the firing line properly
- Range upkeep

Required Equipment:
- 50 rounds minimum of pistol ammunition (NO STEEL CORE AMMO & NO ARMOR PIERCING ROUNDS! If you have a question, ASK US!)
- Firearm (rentals available for $15)
- Mag pouch & 2 mags (included with a rental)
- Quality strong-side hip holster (included with a rental)
- A sturdy gun belt!
- Eye and ear protection
- Closed-toed shoes

Course Fee: $100


Competition Fundamentals

Competition Fundamentals 2.0 is a comprehensive 7 hours course designed to prepare shooters of varying levels of skill and experience for successful entry into the sport of competitive shooting. Competition Fundamentals 2.0 begins with a ½ day group session consisting of 2 hours of classroom instruction followed by a live fire on-the-range competitive shooting experience. After completing the initial 3-hour class, each student will individually schedule with the instructor for the two additional 2-hour private sessions tailored to the student’s specific abilities and goals.
To help tailor instruction to individual student needs, abilities, and goals, prior to the initial class session, each student will receive a Five ?????’s survey regarding their current firearm(s), practice schedule and types of practice activities, current skills levels and goals for participating in competitive shooting events. Based on individual responses, the curriculum will be personalized to take students from their current status to actual participation in a USPSA Pistol match and/ or a North Fla. 2Gun match. Prior to their initial session, students will receive a “What to Bring” list along with specific skill building drills to incorporate into their practice sessions to help prepare students for success and enjoyment in competitive shooting.

The initial 3-hour session will include examples and discussion of specialized equipment used in competitive shooting activities along with vendor URLs for ordering on-line. Competition Fundamentals 2.0 requires pre-payment for the full course at a cost of $350.00, a rate of $50 per hour per student for the full 7 hours of instruction. Following the initial 3-hour class, each student will individually schedule with the instructor for the two remaining 2-hour private sessions included in the cost of the course. If any student feels the need for additional training on any aspect of the course, additional 1-2 hour private sessions may be scheduled with the instructor at a rate of $60.00 for 1 hour or $50.00 per hour for a 2-hour private session. These rates do not qualify for additional discounts for Elite Members.

Also, if it happens that there is a USPSA pistol or North Florida 2Gun match on a Sunday before students begin formal instruction, students be encouraged to attend all or part of that match to see what competition looks like from a shooter’s perspective. Usually, the instructor will be shooting that match and will communicate with registered students throughout the match providing explanation about topics such as: stage design, specific skill challenges, stage planning, scoring, etc. This optional opportunity will be in addition to formal instructional sessions and will be without additional charge to students. This optional activity will also be available to currently enrolled students following the initial class session and to ‘graduates’ who have completed all 7 hours of instruction.

*Competition Fundamentals 2.0 is a updated version of the original course traditionally taught in a one-day, 7 hour format.

If any questions, please contact Janelle Weathers:
Text/phone: 363-562-9754

Course Fee: $350


Marksmanship Fundamentals

Shoot GTR is excited to announce our newest pistol class! Marksmanship Fundamentals is structured for new shooters, less experienced marksman or students who would just like a refresher on the early fundamentals of shooting. For accurate shot placement, you have to rely on your baseline fundamentals and that's what this class is all about. Taught by our very own Dean MacIntyre, this class is something you won't want to miss! Sign up today! Reach out to the Pro Shop for more details or register below.

Course Fee: $200


Stop the Bleed

This course is designed to teach you how to recognize and control a life-threatening hemorrhage and potentially save someone’s life. While mass shootings currently get a lot of attention, serious bleeding is more likely to result from everyday injuries that can occur at home, work, or while on the road.

These are some of the basic principles you will learn during STOP THE BLEED:

- Scene assessment and control
- Prioritize and communicate
- Identify the injury and choose your course of action
- Next steps after the injury is under control

This two-hour course includes a tourniquet and special discounts on first-aid packages like the ones used in the training.

Course Fee: $119


Medical Bag Builder Class

Are you prepared for the worst case scenario? Are you even prepared for the most basic life saving scenario? Are you going to continue to procrastinate or are you ready to be ready? 

Medical Bag / IFAK Builder is a three hour classroom based course that covers in detail the construction of a proper medical kit, from small boo-boo pouches and Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) to complete facility resupply bags.  The course, utilizes lecture, Power Point, and hands on demonstration to teach students what they will need in different situations and scenarios.  

This course will cover the following:

• IFAK and med bag components and construction
• Kit requirements for different scenarios
• Mission specific planning for health care in combat, range, and austere environments

Students will receive a complete EDC (every day carry) IFAK ($90 value) with tourniquet as part of the class.

Course Fee w/IFAK: $299.99      OR        Without IFAK$239.99 (Register by phone or text)


Principles Of Justified Force

We are thrilled to announce we have discovered that a member at Shoot GTR, Steven M. Harris, Attorney-at-Law, is a subject matter expert and prolific author on justified use of force and Florida law.

Steve is the creator of the CAN-MAY-SHOULD-MUST use of force paradigm on the website Modern Service Weapons, where he has authored more than 70 posts. He also writes regularly on related topics for lawyers and judges in the local Bar newsletter. Steve has been practicing law for more than 40 years and now consults and co-counsels throughout Florida with other attorneys in use of force cases. Steve has represented federal agents and state and local LEOs in duty related disciplinary and use of force matters for more than 25 years.

Steve has spent the last decade amassing a collection of original lecture material to explain and clarify Florida “self-defense” law, and to dispel common misconceptions, including those related to "Stand Your Ground." He has generously offered to put on a comprehensive seminar at Shoot GTR for members and interested others in a half-day (5 hour) classroom format. This seminar will be limited to 16 participants, so register early. Extensive written materials will be provided to complement his presentation and for future reference.

Program: Florida law (statutes, cases, jury instructions, practical realities) on threatening/using deadly and non-deadly force in defense of self and others, property, and home protection. This is not a lecture on Chapter 790 statutes on concealed carry and licensing, but program does include essential coverage of firearm display and discharge statutes. A recommended reading list will be provided in advance of the class for online study. Comprehensive material will be distributed during the class. Several threatening/using force scenarios (adapted from actual incidents) will be analyzed. Target Audience: Individuals who lawfully carry a concealed firearm in public and those who keep a firearm in their residence for home protection. Class size limited to 16.

Lecturer: Steven M. Harris, Attorney-at-Law. Member: Florida Bar (1979). Steve’s practice is now almost exclusively representing federal and state law enforcement personnel in disciplinary matters and law enforcement personnel and the nonsworn in cases where justified force is the defense. He is available to assist lead counsel in trials and appeals. Steve has written extensively in the program area, including more than 20 articles in the Eighth Judicial Circuit Bar newsletter (Forum 8), and more than 70 posted articles on Modern Service Weapons, a well-regarded internet site. Steve has (since 1973) also authored or co-authored many articles in numerous law and accounting publications in areas of federal law, and is a coauthor of a two volume legal treatise which has been cited by the United States Supreme Court and other federal courts.

Course Fee: $199  GTR Members : $149


Private Lessons

Shoot GTR offers personalized, private training for individuals, couples, or groups to learn the finer arts of safety, marksmanship, and tactics with a firearm. From basic firearms safety and handling to advanced self-defense and competitive tactics, we can customize your training to meet your needs on a handgun, rifle, or shotgun platform, while keeping the training fun and informative.

Also, check out our Instructors Page  , and send us an email with any questions you may have.




NOTE : Shoot GTR Classes/lessons may be rescheduled for future dated classes, or cancelled one week prior to the class/lesson date. Cancelled classes will result in a customer account credit only. Classes/lessons are unable to be cancelled within 48 hours of the class/lesson date, and NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS will be issued.