Open 7 days/week 8AM to 6PM - Free Orientation Required For New Shooters


Complimentary Safety & Facilities Orientation

Before shooting at our range for the first time, EVERYONE is required to take our free GTR Range Orientation.

Orientation lasts 45-60 minutes and is required for both day rate and members on their first outing at Shoot GTR.


Mon - Fri: 11am & 3pm

Sat & Sun:  11am, 1pm & 3pm

If you have eye and ear protection, please bring them. Eye and ear protection are available for sale in the Pro Shop. 

If bringing firearms to shoot, please have them unloaded and securely encased.

Never Shot a Gun? No Problem!

Our classes, training courses, instructors, and Pro Shop staff are here to help. Just ask!

You Have 2 Options To Shoot At GTR




Per person.

Orientation required (see above)

Please note that as a non-member, there are restrictions on which shooting venues you will have access to. To get the most out of our facility, you may wish to consider one of our Premium Membership options.

Non-members will be permitted to use our 200-yard rifle range (Range 1) and our 25-yard range (Range 2). These ranges are restricted to a static firing line (no move-and-shoot or holster work).


Monthly Subscription (requires a valid debit or credit card):
$34.99 per month (individual)

  • $10 to add spouse
  • Monthly recurring billing, no contract.

6 Month:

$199.99 (individual)

  • $40 (spouse) + $95 (each add. household member)


$329.99 (individual)

  • $50 (Spouse) + $175 (each add. household member)

Unlimited visits, orientation required (see above)

Please note that additional household members must provide proof of residence at the same physical address as the primary member.