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CASTL is a women’s-only shooting group that promotes and supports the participation of women in both training for self-defense and in action-shooting sports.
 CASTL is committed to the goal of helping our members acquire, practice, and demonstrate the skills and mindset necessary to defend themselves and to be successful within the competitive shooting community. The organization welcomes rising and experienced shooters who are interested in learning and practicing defensive shooting skills and / or participating in competitive shooting matches such as USPSA, IDPA, 2Gun, and Multi-gun.
 CASTL holds two events monthly at Shoot GTR. The events feature group practice and training on shooting skills essential to success in both competition and personal defense/concealed carry. Members may also participate in quarterly Mini-Matches that provide an opportunity to demonstrate and grow their skillsets in an all-female dynamic activity.
Open Range for Ladies
Training Time for Ladies
CASTL Mini-Match

CASTL offers two events for ladies every month,
and sometimes 3 events, if we have a CASTL Mini-Match.

So What is the Difference between

ORL -- TTL -- CMM?

Read Below to Learn Which is Best for You.

OPEN RANGE for LADIES (ORL) is a monthly 2 hr shooting activity focused primarily on helping individuals improve their gun handling, marksmanship fundamentals and accuracy.  The sessions feature CASTL Staff providing explanations/demonstrations, use of selected drills & targets, individual practice and performance assessments to identify progress and milestones. 
Staff will provide individual assistance to participants as needed.
New or novice shooters are always welcome.  However, participants new to CASTL or who have questions regarding firearm operation, equipment set up, range rules or etiquette should arrive early in order for staff to have time to assist them before the structured activities begin.  Initially practice time for new/novice shooters may be limited, but much can be learned from watching and listening to questions, comments, and discussions among the shooters during the practice activities.

TRAINING TIME for LADIES (TTL) is a once a month Action Shooting Skill Development activity on private ranges at ShootGTR. The primary focus is development of Action Shooting skills that are applicable in both competition shooting events and personal defense situations.  CASTL Staff will explain, demonstrate and model selected action shooting skill sets for the purpose of helping participants acquire, develop and utilize these skills in competitions.  CASTL Staff will also be shooting and practicing their skills throughout the activity.  Skills routinely utilized include drawing from a holster, moving and shooting, performing reloads and demonstrating ability to put multiple, successive shots on targets at distances of 5-15 yards.  

Other skills may be added over time as participants skill sets and competencies expand.  These may include skills like:  shooting on-the-move, shooting from awkward positions, and transitioning weapons (pistol, rifle & shotgun).

Ladies who have participated in CASTL Training Time for Ladies events or other similar activities and want to demonstrate and test their action shooting skill sets are invited to participate in CASTL Mini-Matches.  A CASTL Mini-Match is a quarterly training event, for Ladies Only, wherein participants experience shooting 2-3 authentic USPSA style action shooting stages, using USPSA Competition Rules for procedures, safety and scoring.  To participate, ladies must have a center-fire handgun with OWB holster and 2-3 mags (10+ rnds per mag) and have participated in some form of action shooting training, such as CASTL’s Training Time for Ladies, or other similar experiences.  
In a Mini-Match participants will draw from a holster, move and shoot to navigate a specified course of fire, shoot at 6-15 cardboard/steel targets, perform pistol reloads and demonstrate their ability to accurately put 2 shots on multiple targets during a 2-3 minute timed period, requiring 12-30 shots per stage.

Ladies who can not meet or maintain CASTL's safety standards, or keep up with the class tempo, have the option of continuing the drills/activities with a clear, unloaded gun or they may sit out and observe only the remainder of the session for the safety of the group.

Ladies whose skills, experiences and/or goals are not at the level required for Training Time for Ladies or CASTL Mini-Matches are encouraged to attend CASTL’s Open Range for Ladies where they'll realize the most benefit.  ORL events are held monthly at ShootGTR.

So That's the Difference between
ORL -- TTL --  CMM?

We encourage you to pick the event that best matches your shooting experience and goals. 
Doing so will help insure that you get the most benefit from your time on the range with CASTL.

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