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FFL Transfer Rates

Handguns & Rifles - $20 or Free*

NFA Items (Silencers, SBRs, & Machineguns) - $100

Above rates do not include the $5 fee for your NICS background check -



It’s understood that we can’t have everything in stock all the time but we have access to more inventory than many realize. That is why we are offering free firearms transfers for new inventory when you price check us first.

How does it work?

When you find a new firearm that you want to purchase, ask us for a price first. If we can’t match the final price, including transfer fee, then your transfer is FREE!

What is included?

Brand new firearms that are currently in production. The firearm must be currently in stock at the location you are looking to price match.

What is excluded?

NFA firearms & Silencers, brands we do not carry (example, Palmetto State, Staccato, Kimber, etc), used guns, firearms no longer in production, stripped lowers, blemished or rebuilt inventory, clearance inventory.

What do I need?

Make, Model, and UPC (or SKU) of the firearm you are looking to purchase as well as the transferrer that you are considering purchasing it from with the URL or the item currently in stock.

Does this include the $5 background fee?

No. You will still be required to pay $5 for your NICS background check. 

Are there any limits?

Yes, each person can only receive 2 free transfers a month unless approved by management. 


What about sales tax?

Fortunate for us, most online retailers are now required to charge sales tax on out of state firearms sales. Unfortunately, we can not offer exact price matches if the transferor does not charge sales tax but let’s see what we can do either way.

Are there any disqualifiers?

If you have already purchased the firearm then you are disqualified from getting your FFL transfer for free. Purchase & shipping dates may be used to confirm your purchase did not predate your price match request.

How do I submit my request?

Currently you will need to submit your request via email to or text to 352-376-8806. Shortly we will have a form on our website that you will use. This is a limited time offer.