Open 7 days/week 8AM to 6PM - Free Orientation Required For New Shooters
CASTL is a women’s-only shooting group that promotes and supports the participation of women in both training for self-defense and in action-shooting sports.
 CASTL is committed to the goal of helping our members acquire, practice, and demonstrate the skills and mindset necessary to defend themselves and to be successful within the competitive shooting community. The organization welcomes rising and experienced shooters who are interested in learning and practicing defensive shooting skills and / or participating in competitive shooting matches such as USPSA, IDPA, 2Gun, and Multi-gun.
 CASTL holds two events monthly at Shoot GTR. The events feature group practice and training on shooting skills essential to success in both competition and personal defense/concealed carry. Members may also participate in quarterly Mini-Matches that provide an opportunity to demonstrate and grow their skillsets in an all-female dynamic activity.